Copy Router Process

Low-tech desktop CNC router

A Desktop tool that is used beside a 3D printer or a laser cutter. Blending craft and new technology where we use local materials and businesses for the production.

The Copy Router is used beside a 3D printer that makes the model file for the Copy Router. The Copy Router reads a 3D printed model file and copies it onto a wood block. Because of its low tech nature the Copy router has a handcrafted fingerprint.

The project was a collaboration with two local production companies, Stjörnublikk and 3D Verk. Stjörnublikk is a industrial company that supplies a wide range of quality galvanized and aluzinc corrugated roofing and siding sheet. They also specialize in the fabrication of reinforcing stirrup and bars for concrete and undertake all general tin craft. 3D Verk is a small scale company that specializes in 3D milling. They work with two machines, CNC router and a hot wire foam cutter.

This project is still in development. 

2014 LHÍ
In collaboration with: Stjörnublikk ehf 
                              3D verk
Tutors: Garðar Eyjólfsson
           Thomas Pausz
           Snæfríður Jóhanna Þorsteinsdóttir

Thomas Pausz used the Copy Router for his project Fear, Control, Embodiment. in 2017,