Vísa - Stefnir - Blær

Tools for hidden goals and dreams

Goals and dreams are often hidden and hard to reach. The concept is subjective and based on the act of dowsing which is an old method for searching for anything invisible or hidden. The tools, Vísa, Stefnir and Blær, have Icelandic names that describe the act of heading toward something and how energy flows like a soft breeze. The tools were inspired by the modern world of witchcraft for the quest of seeking hidden aims. The tool captures the goals and dreams where it transforms them into energy and leads it out into the world. The tools are personal accessories that the user can keep around his neck or close by.

2014 LHÍ
In collaboration with: Forestry Association of Reykjavík in Heiðmörk
Tutors: Friðrik Steinn Friðriksson,
          Hafsteinn Júlíusson
          Tinna Gunnarsdóttir
          Ólafur Oddsson
          Magnús Leifsson
          Thomas Pausz
          Garðar Eyjólfsson