Shy Things

Mask for hidding shy parts of the face

In a world where everything is supposed to be perfect we get jugdet on our looks, what we wear and how we act. We become shy of our appearance and of the flaws we have in our looks. Plastic surgerys has been coming a common thing and more strong when looking at models in fashion magazines where we see the perfection and that we no longer fit in the world that looks like shiny plastic. We hide our bodies with clothes, and our faces with make-up for perfect texture but what about the shy parts that sometimes brake their way out and we cant hide? Instead of taking the trastic step of going in surgery why not embrace our flaws with statement accessories that gives us the confident to stand out and be different. With the contrast of geometric forms blend with the nature form of the human body we can have our own personality and looks that let our self break out from what is called perfect in a plastic world.

2013 LHÍ
Tutor: Gulleik Lövskar